Classes Fall Gather 2019

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1. Detox Toolbox-Herbs for supporting our innate Detoxification Process
2. Suppositories? What the heck!!?
1. How to Deliver a Baby in a Pinch: Labor & Delivery Tips for partners and friends of the Mom-to-Be
2. The Sacred & The Practical: Birth Herbs & Ceremony

Mitcho Thompson

1. & 2. Cannabis Medicine

In this hands-on, 2-part workshop, we will go over the various forms of cannabis medicine, and how to make them. We will cover ingestibles, tinctures, liniments, and transdermal oils. Routes of ingestion, specific cannabinoids, and they ways in which cannabis works on various conditions.

Jim Weaver

1. Morning Qi Gong

“With ten years of teaching I have gained the understanding that I learn as much from my students as they do from me. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing people smile after practice. I know now that the student has the tools and ability to drop stress quickly, improve their health and restore their vital energy. The Healing Energy of the universe belongs to everyone.”

Mid Kids

3. Mid kids only - Making a sun oil or salve