Jim Weaver

Jim Weaver, is a certified Qigong instructor, who offers classes & workshops in Taoist and Buddhist styles of Qigong. A lifelong student of the healing arts with over twenty years of personal qigong practice, he designs his classes to give people the ability to create health and peace of mind for themselves. “With ten years of teaching I have gained the understanding that I learn as much from my students as they do from me. My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing people smile after practice. I know now that the student has the tools and ability to drop stress quickly, improve their health and restore their vital energy. The Healing Energy of the universe belongs to everyone.”

Authorized Tibetan Qigong Teacher-2003 by Master Zi Sheng Wang. Certified Qigong for Wellness instructor-2009 by Shifu Brendan Rogers. Certified Taichi Healthways instructor-2012 by Shifu Jesse Tsao. Certified Dragon Gate Qigong instructor-2016 by Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Lichangdao) in Dragon Gate Qigong.

He has held classes and workshops at various venues: Schools, healing centers, spas, retreat centers, and even in public parks. Jim began studying Qigong back in 1995, starting with books by Master Mantak Chia, and attending the seminars and workshops he offered. After several years he met and started training personally with Master Zi Sheng Wang in Tibetan Buddhist Qigong. Jim was authorized to teach and eventually expanded his studies by connecting with and studying with other teachers over the years.

“I have dedicated students whom have stayed with me now for several years. My goal is help as many people as possible reach their full energetic and spiritual potential.”