Fall Gather is an ALL-Inclusive space.

Opening and Closing Times

Fall Gather opens at 12:00pm on Friday, for registration and camp set-up.
Fall Gather closes at 2:00pm Monday, Please respect opening and closing times.


When you arrive please check-in at the Registration Table. Here you will receive your wrist band, the Schedule of Events, and you will sign-up for your Community Work shift. If you pre-ordered a Proceedings of Fall Gather you will receive it here. T-shirts and Proceedings Books will also be available for sale at the Registration Table.

Black Oak Ranch

Fall Gather is held at Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California, in Mendocino County, about 150 miles north of San Francisco (see directions to the right). This ranch is home to Camp Winnarainbow, a theater arts and circus summer camp for children. The area that is available for our use is well shaded and has two creeks in which to play. The main meeting area is surrounded by eighteen tipis, some of which are available for sleeping ten, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to health department regulations, the drinking water at Black Oak is chlorinated. Water filters are available in the tipi circle and near the Wellness Center for everyone's use.


There are 12-14 tipis available for sleeping up to 10, on a first come-first serve basis. If you would like to move into a tipi, find one with an open sleeping mat and claim it as yours for the weekend. Bedding is needed. The tipis are centrally located and are neither quiet nor private. You are also welcome to bring your own tent and set it up pretty much anywhere other than in our communal areas. Vehicle camping is also allowed. Inform the Greeter in the parking area when you arrive and you will be directed to the vehicle camping area. There is a nice trail through the woods into the back of camp from the vehicle camping area.

Community Work

All participants are asked to volunteer two hours of time to help ensure smooth running of all aspects of the Symposium. These hours may be spent in the kitchen, serving food, or in the First Aid/Wellness Center. We can offer Fall Gather at a reasonable fee only because of our mutual cooperation and work. Thank-you for your full participation. There will be a sign-up board at registration when you arrive.


Nine gourmet vegetarian meals will be served, beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Monday. This year Nora Vitaliani and her skilled crew will be working magic in the kitchen. Delicious herbal teas will also be prepared each morning and evening. No coffee will be served with meals. Hot water will be available at all times.

Coffee, Chai, and Golden Milk will be available for purchase at the Coffee Cart in the mornings, near the kitchen area.

No snack foods will be provided, bring your own if desired.


Showers are available, hot water is limited. If you use the showers please use only bio-degradable soap and shampoo. Please no glass in the shower houses.
Please Note: Black Oak has asked us to no longer use Dr. Bronner's soap anywhere in camp. They say it has been causing damage to the finish on the wood in the sink and shower areas. Thank you.

Trash & Recyclables

Please do not leave us yours! If you pack it in, pack it out. Any trash or recyclables left at the Fall Gather must be hauled out by one of us in the back of our pick-up trucks — and we have plenty to haul out already! So, please, do not leave us more. This also includes moon-time products. If you use disposable products, come prepared to carry them off-site for your own disposal.

Childcare and Mid Kid Classes

A beautiful Waldorf-inspired childcare will be available for potty-trained children during workshop times. A special area will be set-up for mothers of non-potty trained children to coordinate childcare among themselves. All children must be registered to attend Fall Gather, regardless of childcare needs. Bring your child's favorite snacks and a refill-able water bottle.

Wellness Center

First Aid * Bodywork Circle * Elder Spot
This is a warm and nurturing area for herbal first aid, bodywork, and many forms of healing work. It is also home to Elder Spot, where the Wise Ones gather. All are welcome to use this space to offer or receive any form of healing exchange.


On Sunday afternoon, registered participants will be invited to trade or sell their hand-made products. For the afternoon we will shop, sell, trade. chat, visit, tell stories, share music... like the Marketplaces of old. This is a special thyme to honor our own and each other's art and handwork. Only registered participant's handmade items are permitted. Seller's fee is on a donation basis and is greatly appreciated; 10% of sales is recommended. If you have not already done so, please let us know if you will be bringing items for the Marketplace.


Since Black Oak has only a small herb garden (besides the great array of oaks, and other native plants) Tina Goat of Crimson-Sage Nursery will kindly provide many potted medicinal plants to create an Insta-Garden for our educational benefit. On the last day, most of these plants will be available for sale or trade. If you have any potted medicinal plants to add to our Insta-Garden, please bring them along. Be sure to label everything with both the plant's name and your own.

Sophia's Heritage Bookstore

Check out our pick of the best in herbal literature at this 'no-host' self-serve bookstore. Browse at your leisure and leave payment in the can if you would like to buy something.

Open Forum

We are all teachers! This is a thyme set aside for anyone to offer a workshop, class, or discussion group on any topic of interest. There will be a sign-up sheet on the Rainbow Bridge. Open Forum is Sunday from 2:00-3:30 p.m.


Help the Scholarship fund! During the Fall Gather, we will raffle lots of cool, donated items to raise money for our Scholarship fund. If you have any great items that you would like to donate, please bring them with you and place them on the raffle table near the Organizer's tipi. All quality items are gratefully accepted. Raffle tickets will be for sale at the Fall Gather for $1.00. On behalf of all the Scholarship recipients, Thank-you!

Special Workshops and Events

Intensives: Several four-hour Intensives will be offered through-out the weekend, each devoted to one subject of study.


On Friday, we have the great privilege to have a member from the Cahto Tribe, who will offer a Blessing for the Opening of our time together. The Cahto Tribe are the Indigenous Peoples on whose Ancestral land this event is held.

On Sunday evening, we will have a Ceremony Celebrating our Ancestors. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in the Celebration. Wear fun Ceremonial clothing and for this festive and magical evening.